Bespoke software solutions for the intermediary market in South Africa and beyond.



Fennec is a Johannesburg based software product house that specialises in creating bespoke software solutions for the intermediary market in South Africa and beyond. Our products cross specialisation areas such as Fintech, Regtech and Proptech and are generally offered on a Saas basis. Fennec was established in 2015 after a successful management buy-out from Naspers subsidiary Korbitec, which allowed it to expand its product offering and eventually establish itself as the leading deposit management Fintech in Africa. In 2020 Fennec introduced a hugely success​ful complimentary and comprehensive cloud based estate management solution to the South African market. With its eyes firmly set on international expansion Fennec is poised to become a leading international player in the areas it operates within.


As a company we pride ourselves on our family culture and our focus on ensuring that our employees are
continuously challenged to grow as professionals as well as human beings. We are unnaturally passionate and
obsessed with exceptional client service and creating products that add value to our clients.


Despite being proudly South African we have as a strategic objective to expand internationally, and we are
currently pursuing a number of international ventures and partnerships.





TIS is an innovative solution that enables intermediaries to efficiently interact with commercial banks when investing money on behalf of third parties. The product brings simple and elegant technology to our intermediaries’ offices at zero cost, removing cumbersome processes and adding a measure of risk management. Through our partnership with two banks we are also able to offer a transactional environment at no cost to clients.

Examples of typical clients who would make use of this product: Attorneys, Estate Agents, Estate Practitioners, Managing Agents, Financial Advisors, Auditing and Accounting Practitioners, Financial Intermediaries.

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An estate administration and estate planning product that is affordable, cloud-based and user-friendly. Flow is a multi-module estate-based product that simplifies and streamlines the processes and administration associated with estates and estate planning. The system consists of four modules namely; deceased estates, curatorship, living L&D’s and insolvencies. We also enable our clients to interact more efficiently with our banking partners when opening and managing the legislatively required bank account for each estate.

Examples of typical clients who would make use of this product: Attorneys, Trust Planners, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, Financial Intermediaries, Auditing and Accounting Practitioners.

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Fennec Assist is a turn-key service that is easily added to your website. With our fully documented API it is straightforward and easy to integrate. Assist can be used longside your normal support tools and will ensure that you can build trusting relationships with your clients. With Fennec Assist’s high quality and super-fast co-browsing technology you barriers in the service cycle.

Examples of typical clients who would make use of this product: Banks, Accounting and Payroll Software Providers, Legal Software Providers, Stock Broking Platforms, Share and Forex Providing Platforms, Gambling Platforms, CRM Software Providers.

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Our people are at the core of our business and critical to our success. We believe in creating an environment where people are encouraged to raise their opinions, think creatively and grow professionally whilst still having fun at the same time. Fennec is an entrepreneurial business that understands the value of buy-in from people, and as such we run our business in such a way that every staff member is encouraged to think of the business as his or her own, continuously being exposed to the necessary information to understand the business end-to-end.

As an extremely exciting and successful FinTech business we currently find ourselves in the very fortunate position that we are able to attract top talent across both our sales and software development areas. Being in this position affords us the luxury to be extremely selective in who we allow into our close knit family, and only the best of the best is considered.

If you believe that our culture and environment is what you are looking for, feel free to e-mail your CV to us at or alternatively you can contact us via our online enquiry form .

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(Trust Investment Switch)

TIS is a bank agnostic cloud-based software platform that enables intermediaries to efficiently and cost effectively open and manage legislatively required third party bank accounts. It is the only such bank agnostic platform in South Africa, and operates in direct competition to similar platforms provided by the large banking institutions. Deposits/funds channelled via TIS assists banks in growing their liability funds and in turn their interest income. Since its launch in 2014, TIS has assisted more than 350 intermediaries (attorneys, estate agents, estate practitioners etc.) to open in excess of 25 000 bank accounts to the approximate value of R13bn. TIS is currently fully integrated into one of our banking partners, probably a first for any fintech in Africa.

What are some of the features and benefits of TIS?

  • A FREE, modern, user-friendly, channel-specific, tablet and cell phone
    friendly technology platform – easy to use and fully cloud-based
  • Exceptional ‘old school’ personal client service (no call centres)
  • Very competitive and negotiable interest rates
  • Full control over investment accounts with multi-level segregation of duties,
    and in-system password reset
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • No bank transaction fees for transfers from investment accounts
  • Reduced potential for fraud due to our innovative notifications functionality
  • Detailed audit trails to improve risk management and assist with your
    year-end audit
  • Ability to earn additional revenue from administration fees
  • Link your existing trust account – no need to open a new trust account
  • Fully compliant with Section 86 of the Legal Practitioners Act, Section 28 of
    the Administration of Estates Act and Section 32 of the Estate Agency Affairs
    Act (and more)
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Fennec Assist is a co-browsing solution with a twist. Co-browsing in its basic form allows a customer support agent to assist users
on any online platform without the need to take over the user’s PC, removing the risk related to screen take-overs. The support
agent is able to see the user’s browser tab (only the tab where the online product is active) and guide them by using their mouse
pointer. The agent is able to see what the user is typing, or where they have made selections and can therefore quickly get to a
point where they can resolve the query presented. Co-browsing works just as well where a training specialist needs to train a user,
but the user is not able to attend training classes. Using co-browsing the training specialist can train the user online on his/her own
version of the system, thus reducing the cost of travelling to the client.

Where Fennec Assist though goes one step further, is on the data security side. Assist has been developed in such a way that
sensitive information is encrypted at the user and only decrypted once it hits the support agent, meaning that Fennec itself has no
access to data. This makes it ideal for companies that deal with very sensitive data such as banks, insurance companies,
stockbroking and forex platform providers, accounting and legal solutions and many more.

Benefits of Fennec Assist

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Low cost
  • Browser-to-browser support – removes the risk of theft of personal
  • information and data
  • End-to-end encryption makes the product suitable for sensitive data
  • environments
  • No exchange of usernames or passwords – results in more efficient and
  • client-friendly interactions
  • Reduction in call support times – greater speed in assisting clients resolve
  • issues
  • Enables remote client training


Fennec Flow is a cloud based estate administration system that assists executors and administrators of estates to manage their
estate matters through the entire life cycle. The types of estates that can be managed on Flow are deceased, curatorship and
insolvencies. We also leverage existing infrastructure to enable financial advisors and wealth planners to assist them in performing
enhanced estate planning for their clients via our Living L&D module. Flow is thus effectively a four-in-one system that allows users
to easily navigate between each module.

What are the benefits of Flow?

Cloud Based

  • Work-from-home / Work-from-anywhere
  • No need for expensive and complicated on-premise servers
  • Any software updates/error handling on Flow are managed in the cloud, and
    therefore does not need to be handled by our clients.
  • New functionality is released seamlessly, ensuring that you are always on
    latest version of Flow
  • Back-ups and redundancies are managed in the cloud


  • We utilised the latest technology when developing Flow to ensure that any
    bugs can be resolved within hours, and new features can be added within


  • There is an art to developing sophisticated software that presents as easy to
    use and navigate. We believe that with Flow we have managed to achieve
    that balance, making it accessible to any user, irrespective of their
    technology literacy level.

Cost effective

  • With a cloud-based solution the need for expense on-premise servers are removed
  • Our licensing fees are affordable and includes any reasonable software development requirements


  • With a cloud-based solution the need for expense on-premise servers are removed
  • Our licensing fees are affordable and includes any reasonable software development requirements